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Saturday, 19 August 2017

6 of The Best

     And finally in this short series of ‘6 of The Best’ we come to a selection of wonderful actors and actresses who appeared in ‘the Prisoner’ alongside Patrick McGoohan.
   “All the world’s a stage and men and women merely players; they have their exists and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.”
   Production of ‘the Prisoner’ provided work for many great actors and actresses, and perhaps this has been the most difficult category from which to make a choice.

1, Leo McKern

2, Colin Gordon

3, Eric Portman

4, Frederick Piper

5, Mary Morris

6, Rachel Herbert
   Why the above actors and actresses? Well “spoilt for choice” is a phrase that readily springs to mind, as I could so easily have included George Baker, Peter Swanwick, Kevin Stoney, Finley Currie, Richard Wattis, Katherine Kath, Norma West, Earl Cameron, Georgina Cookson, John Sharp, Rosalie Crutchley. Betty McDowall, Victor Madden, Patrick Cargill, Nadia Gray in the 6, and apologies to those whose names do not appear here.

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The Guardians Feeling Deflated!

   Something wrong with the Guardian? It looks a little deflated! Perhaps it has mutated into something like the “thing” in ‘The Quatermass Experiment,’ and creeps and slides its way around The Village instead of rolling and bounding about, leaving a trail of slime behind it like a snail!
   On the other hand, it looks rather like the idea for the Guardian MK I, except there’s no blue flashing light!

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Village Life!

    “So they brought ‘C’ to The Village after all!”
    “You should know. It’s often the way with important people.”
    “But you’ve no anonymity any more!”
    “There is a different between you and I Number Six, I co-operated.”
    “You gave them what they wanted.”
    “I find it better here to what it was elsewhere, besides my cover was blown.”
    “I work for the Board of Education now. We’re looking into a way of education which will give people a University degree in a lesser time than the Open University will take, say six minutes instead of six years!”
    “What’s the hurry?”

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Quote For The Day

    “I have to report a breakdown in control......yes this is Number two reporting.”                {No.2 – Hammer Into Anvil}
    I have to admit that there are times when I feel sorry for Number 2. Number 6 can certainly dish out some rough justice when called upon! I suppose you could call Number 6 Nemesis, chosen by Number 1 because he knew he wouldn’t flinch when it came to breaking Number 2. I’m surprised Number 6 didn’t report the sudden breakdown in control to Number 1 himself. After all it didn’t matter who Number 1 was at that point, he’d have only been a voice on the telephone, a voice the television viewers would never have heard. But Number 6 reporting to Number 1 himself, it would be like reporting personally to the General, it just isn’t done. No, much better to have Number 2 to report himself. After all its not known how Number 1 would have reacted to Number 6 on the telephone, whoever Number 1 might have been at the time, and vice versa of course. I think to have Number 2 report himself added humiliation to his breakdown!

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Earl Cameron 100 Years Young

   Britain's first black lead actor turned 100 years of age on August 8th
   He's starred in films such as ‘James Bond,’ ‘The Interpreter,’ and ‘The Queen.’
   Earl Cameron lives in Warwickshire, and at the age of 100 he refuses to ever retire from acting.
   Dated August 11th 2017
   Earl Cameron when he spoke on 5News

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Busy Potter!

    If he wasn’t he’s going to be! Poor old Potter, he’s been left out in the cold, but at the same time he’s making a little money on the side as a shoe shine boy. Mr. X has his suede shoes brushed up, and gives Potter a £5 note, Potter is highly delighted it’s as though he can hardly believe his luck as it’s possibly the most money he’s ever earned for a few moments work. But then he’s brought down to earth by a muddy boot! Poor old Potter’s got his work cut out now!

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                              The Watchmaker