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Monday, 16 October 2017

Thought For The Day

    For years there have been devotees of ‘the Prisoner’ who thought, and probably do still think ZM73 lived in a flat. And yet here is one of the delegates of the assembly holding up the key to ZM73’s house, its irrefutable proof that cannot be denied, also the fact that when Janet Portland came looking for her fiancĂ©, due to the fact that his car was parked outside the house, she went upstairs looking for him. There are two questions, who purchased the said house on behalf of Number 6, and why? And who put the house on the market in the first place? Lead us or go the President said, were they really prepared to let Number 6 go just like that if that’s what he wanted? They must have been to have purchased the house in Number 6’s name, and to have his car made ready for him. If so then all that has gone before has been a complete and utter waste of time! So either No. 1 Buckingham Place is to become Number 1’s town house hence the automatic electrically operated front door, or symbolically the Prisoner had been in The Village all the time!

Be seeing you

Interior Design

    What was it Engadine said about ‘C’ he likes impressive offices! Well you cannot get more impressive than the interior of the Green Dome! Here is ‘C’ pictured in his inner sanctum. The office is a huge domed chamber, with minimalist furnishings, very modern, even futuristic looking, but with a single touch of bygone times. Its purple decor has a subtle visual effect, although the steel framework does give the impression that Number 2 is imprisoned in his own personal cage! With its blast proof doors Number 2 takes no chances, he is safe and secure, and a large wall screen allows him to observe any part of The Village, both exterior and interior. His desk has a control panel, and any function such as surveillance can be obtained at the touch of a button. Communication is ultra modern, cordless telephones which are far ahead of their time.
    How ‘C’ arrived in The Village is anyone’s guess, it may be supposed that they took him there instead of
Engadine, who wasn’t all that important. With his anonymity blown, that rendered ‘C’s’ effectiveness less than useless. So the best place to put him was in The Village, and now here he is working for its administration! Nice work if you can get it, if you can keep hold of it!

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Teabreak Teaser

    What are the facts behind Town Hall? That is the headline of an edition of The Tally Ho, don’t tell me that the freedom of the press has finally arrived in The Village, this with an article on the workings of the Town Hall! And yet where is the mystery in it, as surely any Town Hall works much the same as any other I should have thought, even in The Village!

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Saturday, 14 October 2017


    We have met the likes of Number 269, he assists the Supervisor Number 56 in the Control Room.
    Supervisor “There it is.”
    {The distress signal}
    269 “Very close.”
    “Let’s try a radar search.”
    {They move to the radar screen}
    “That’s twelve miles, try six.”
    {269 operates the radar}
    “That’s six. Not much hope of finding them, unless the aircraft is still floating.”
    “Can’t you get a signal off a dinghy?”
    “Ooh doubtful.”
    “Could be more than one, they didn’t say how many passengers they’d got onboard.”
    “Only one distress signal.”
    “Might be saving their batteries. Search in closer.”
   “We’ll start getting readings from the high buildings in the village.”
   “What’s that?”
   “The mountains to the north of us.”
   “Better see if the radio station on the tower can give us a cross bearing. This is control calling the tower, control to the tower are you receiving me over?”
    Number 2 During ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ had an assistant Number 10, who may have overstepped the mark when he made the suggestion that there are methods they haven’t used {against Number 6} yet. He ended up working in the Control Room. Mind you it’s possible he was really excess to requirements, and it may well have been the same with Number 269. Number 2 does appear to be a most capable administrator, so much so that it might well be imagined that he would not be in need of an assistant. So reduced 269 to working in the Control Room assisting the Supervisor! It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last as in the case of Number 22 of ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ Mind you he does know about operating the radar equipment, so at least he made himself useful, unlike Number 10 and Number 22 who didn’t appear to do very much at all! What about Number 60 I hear you ask. Yes he was assisting the Supervisor-Number 26 in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’, he may well have been an exception, not that Number 26 appeared to require an assistant, and not appearing to be a former assistant to Number 2, that was Number 14’s job. Number 60 may well have been a contrivance on the part of the scriptwriter Roger Waddis, otherwise Number 2 would have had no-one to promote as Supervisor having removed Number 26 from that position.

Be seeing you

Exhibition of Arts And Crafts


Quote For The Day

    “Beautiful day.”
    “They didn’t settle down for ages, now they wouldn’t leave for the world!”
                                       {Two citizens and Number 2 - Arrival}
    I wonder just how long that old couple have been in The Village, before the war, since the war, which war? And why were they brought to The Village in the first place? Did they go of their own volition, not realizing what they were walking into? Or perhaps they were abducted together, as man and wife, but who were they and why are they in The Village? Don’t you wonder? I sometimes wonder, and perhaps a short story could be woven around them. They are obviously too old for escape, and perhaps they no longer have anywhere to go even if they could. Number 2 said they didn’t settle for ages, so they resisted but were eventually brought round to Number 2’s way of thinking, oh not this one, but one of his predecessors. Perhaps they were like the Professor and his wife in that they went to The Village voluntarily, and when they got there it wasn’t at all what they expected! On the face of it The Village is well presented as a charming, peaceful, and picturesque place. But beauty in only skin deep and it’s what lies beneath the surface that matters.

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Village Concert Hall!

    The Concert Hall is where a folk music concert was once held, according to the poster in 'The Schizoid Man.' But is this Concert Hall the original Concert Hall, or the new Concert Hall Number 2 had built? Or the Concert Hall to be demolished in order to make way for the new Concert Hall that is to be built as laid down in the plans of the retiring Number 2?

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