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Monday, 26 June 2017

It’s Inexplicable!

    Why did Number 6 choose the number 113 from that gravestone, when the grave of Number 141 is much older? Even though Number 113’s grave looks to be too fresh seeing as she died only a month ago. Number 141’s grave looks much older, and over grown. Perhaps it was to keep the number in the series. Before Number 113 was an old woman in a wheelchair, it was the reporter for The Tally Ho, and later TV cameraman in ‘Free For All. I take it you spotted that? Number 113 being the reporter for the broadsheet, while Number 113b was the photographer. But later they changed roles, Number 113b the reporter with a microphone and a tape recorder, and Number 113 with a strange looking TV camera! I wonder why the change, perhaps they had both been promoted, it certainly looks to be a step up the ladder for the both of them.

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Citizen No.2

   So Number 2 is not only Chairman of The Village, but also he’s the Chief Administrator as Top Hat official of Administration, as well as Chairman of the Board of Education. It would seem that this Number 2 has a great deal of authority. And yet as Chairman of the Board of Education he only has the casting vote, has no say on the board, he is reliant on the board members to approve the Professor’s lectures, as demonstrated with the Professor’s final lecture. The projectionist asked Number 2 if the lecture had been passed by the Board, to which Number 2 replied “It will be.”
   But it all went wrong for this Number 2. Well not wrong, disastrously wrong would be more like it. So what happened to this Number 2? Well he certainly wasn’t fit for a further term, because we never see this particular Number 2 again. Depending on where he originated from, he was probably returned there, maybe he was simply absorbed back into The Village Administration!

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Village Life!

    “You shouldn’t come in here dressed like that you know.”
    “Yes I know.”
    “It’s bad for discipline.”
    “Yes I know that.”
    “Then why do it?”
    “You know how much pressure I’m under.”
    “The last Number Two who went about in his pyjamas and dressing gown didn’t last too long after that.”
    “What happened to him?”
    “Well he’s not here is he, you are.”
    “You know if I didn’t know better I’d say you were enjoying this!”
    “What me?”
    “It’s not me its I, it’s only me when it’s in the predicament.”
    “And you’re in one of those alright!”
    “Alright don’t rub it in.”
    “Why do you think I’ve never gone for promotion, because I’m second to you, and I’ll still be here when you’re not.”
    “You’re a little ray of sunshine and no mistake.”
    “Well how do you think you’re going to get out of this one?”
    “It wasn’t my mistake.”
    “There’ll be the very devil to pay.”
    “It wasn’t my fault.”
    “What made you think it was such a good idea in the first place?”
    “I only did it for a bet.”
    “Yes, and now you’re stuck with it.”
    “Don’t I know it!”
    “Go on, show it to me.”
    “What here?”
    “I could do with a laugh.”
    “Not in front of this lot, you know what they’re like.”
    “Remind me again, what does it say?”
    “I heart Alan Tracy. There, satisfied?”
    “Number One has placed a Thunderbird puppet in charge of The Village!”
    “I’ll call International Rescue, they’ll soon get me out of here.”
    “Go on then, I’d like to see how they’re going to do that. I expect Jeff Tracy to go to any lengths to rescue one of his sons. I’ll get the helicopter to clear the landing pad!”
    “What for?”
    “The arrival of Thunderbird one.”
    “Why not Thunderbird four?”
    “The tides out!”

Be seeing you

Saturday, 24 June 2017

New: The Prisoner – Essential Guide book


    Rick Davy’s handy 36-page guide to Patrick McGoohan's cult 1960s TV series. Why Portmeirion? Who was Patrick McGoohan? What car did Number Six drive? Why the giant balloon? And what was it all about? The answer to all this, and more, is included. Also includes a reference guide to each episode, and a wealth of officially licensed and previously unpublished colour and black and white photographs.
   The book will very shortly be on sale, details are at:


Caught On Camera!

    This is Barbara Yu Ling as Number 18, a taxi driver who is asked to take her fare to the nearest town. But the taxi service is only local, so the Prisoner asks her to take him as far as she can. Being only a local service Number 18 takes her fare on a tour of The Village via the scenic route. However by the end of the tour the taxi driver is still Number 18, but for some reason she has had a change of badge!
   The question is, why should a change in badge be required at all? Even if the badge had fallen off Barbara Yu Ling’s jersey it would still be in the taxi! It’s rather like Denis Shaw who plays the shopkeeper in the next scene. He starts of as Number 19, but by the end of the scene he’s had a change in badge and is Number 56! But in Barbra Yu Ling’s case at least continuity got the number right, if not the Penny Farthing!

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Quote For The Day

    “I told you.”
“Don't worry, it was a good idea and you did your best. I'll stress it in my report.”
                   {Number 2 and Nadia Rakovsky– The Chimes of Big Ben}

    Nadia Rakovsky, if indeed that is her real name, is dressed for leaving The Village. To whom is she going to report, an external power, or some government department, or person outside The Village? Not to the Colonel, he has first-hand experience of how it all went wrong! But if by any chance Nadia is going to report to Number 1, in person, then she's in for a bit of a shock, considering who Number 1 turns out to be! Mind you she might have been planning to report to the General!

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Exhibition of Arts And Crafts

                          “The Ratcliffian!”